Monday, October 6, 2008

Senior Homecoming!

This is my best friend McKay and I! He asked me THE cutest way. You know the song "I'm yours" by Jason Mraz? Well he rewrote the song with new lyrics to ask me to the dance and played it on his uke and video taped it and then set it up on the TV with a note for when I came home from school. It was so so cute! I answered him back by going to cookies by design and got a cookie bouquet that had a big cookie that said YES and then a cookie that looked like him in a tux, and a cookie that looked like me in a dress. It was pretty cute, not gonna lie. For our day date we had a picnic in the park and played football(yes of course I dominated.) and played board games. It was a ton of fun! Then for dinner we went to PF Chang's my favorite! We danced the night away! Something funny happened. It was way hot inside, so they had some speakers set up outside on the grass so you could dance out there. So our group moved out there and we were having a fun time dancing and all that, and then the sprinklers started! Okay, so picture 40 girls in beautiful dresses, doing ANYTHING they can to get the heck out of there asap, and basically panicking! Long story short I got freaking trampled! I was face down on the wet ground with the sprinklers going, and girls literally running over me. Most girl would be mad, or freaking out right? Well it was really really hard to get myself up because of my mermaid dress, but even more so because I was laughing so hard! It took me about three songs to stop laughing enough to start dancing again. oh man, it was intense. I had bruises on my back from the girl's heels... haha true story.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Halle-freakin-lujah! FINALLY!!!

I got my license! I'm so happy, but I feel kinda... retarded because it took me a year, but oh well! Better late than never. On my road test, the instructor said that I would have gotten a perfect score but I missed one head check. I did good on my parallel parking and everything! At the DMV the guy taking my picture was about to either laugh at me, or slap me because I made him take a new picture of my like 7 times. haha. and I didn't even like the one I ended up with! oh well.

Off I go!

Monday was my first day as a... believe it or not... SENIOR! I cant believe its my last year! My car Ruby(yes, of course I named my car!) and I were off to Timpanogos. I'm so excited for this year, but I'm also scared. Growing up and change is a pretty scary thing for me. I'm going to make this most of this year. Youth is wasted on the young, but I'm going to prove that wrong!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Antelope Canyons

Kevin, Kara, Cami, Sarah and I went to Antelope Canyons on our way home from Arizona. At first I was kinda sad because I just wanted to get back home. Once I got there though... I was amazed! It was the most beautiful place I have ever been to! It was all under ground too! It was made from water erosion or something like that.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Oliver and I went to Prom a couple months ago... I would have done this after prom, but I didnt have a blog haha. It was really fun! We went ice-blocking for my first time! It was really fun. At the restraunt we went to every table there was filled with prom groups. One of the girls at our school was a dancer for the highschool musical movies. Rumor has it that she and Corbin Blue had a little thing for a while, and she even took him to our prom! It was pretty cool. It was a way fun night and I loved my dress!